Om oss
Vang municipality in Valdres has the slogan "Wild and Beautiful". Bøflaten Camping is right in the heart of this - Wild and Beautiful! Here at the foot of Jotunheimen we boast a fantastic view to the mountains and Vangsmjøsa.
Bøflaten Camping was established in 1947. Today's owners are the third generation in the Bøe family. Over 70 years, we have been a recognized and preferred accommodation on the "main road" between east and west, and with our unique geographical location, a base camp for all kinds of nature walks, short and long, and wonderful nature experiences in the mountains. > In 2017 we decided to upgrade the campsite. This is a project in which Phase 1 was completed in 2018, and where two further phases are planned. Phase 1 included the establishment of several facilities located in the industry's upper layer. We have established one of camping-Norway's best sanitary facilities. We have expanded and upgraded the reception, which facilitates the good dialogue with customers. Three new high standard holiday homes are also built in 2018. A state-of-the-art drainage station for motorhomes and caravans is in place. At the water's edge there is built a warm outdoor living room with bonfire area and lovely views of the fjord, perfect for larger and less informal gatherings.



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