Om oss
Vang kommune in Valdres has the slogan «Wild and Beautiful!». Bøflaten Camping is situated in the heart of Norway - just in the middle of this; Wild and Beautiful! Here at the foot of Jotunheimen we can offer a fantastic view to the mountains and the lake Vangsmjøsa.
Bøflaten Camping was established in 1947. The current owners are third generation of the Bøe's running the camp. Through more than 70 years, we have been a recognized and preferred accomodation on the main route between east and west, and with our unique geografical location, a basecamp for all kinds of experiences in the nature.,Shorter or longer hikes, biking, running or in a boat or canoe. Every fantastic nature experience in the mountains!
In 2017, we decided to upgrade the camp site. Phase 1 of this project was implemented in 2018, with additional 2 phases planned. In phase 1, we established new upper class facilities. We have established one of camping-Norway's best sanitary facilities. We have expanded and upgraded the reception area, which is an important frame for a nice dialogue with our guests. Three new high standard holiday homes are built in 2018. A top modern draining station for campers and caravans is also established in 2018. At the waters edge, we have built a nice fire place with a beautiful view over the lake - Perfect for all social gatherings.



For booking kontakt oss på telefon eller e-post.